Only about 55% of crashes are even reported

Everyone knows someone who has been involved in a serious accident. You may be a victim of such a tragic event yourself. Things happen, and many times, innocent people are hurt in the process. Only about 55% of crashes are even ever reported. Hit and runs are quite common. In the city of New York, personal injuries happen every single day. Many will go unreported, or worse, a fatality will occur with no one to answer for the terrible crime.

Accidents involving motor vehicles are a common occurrence everywhere in the United States. Many of these involve serious injury, or worse, a fatality. Records indicate that there have been a total of 3,613,732 motor vehicle deaths in the United States from 1899 to 2013. That’s a lot of innocent people being killed and their families lives changed forever, because of another driver’s negligence.

The National Highway Safety Administration has conducted numerous studies on traffic accidents and fatalities. Their data clearly shows that the numbers of reported fatalities from traffic crashes are declining because people aren’t reporting them. This means more crimes are actually happening and people are leaving the scene of the accident and getting away with it, in some cases. Many times personal injuries occur because of negligent drivers in New York, especially.

There have been numerous studies done on the topic of motor vehicle crashes. A lot of the evidence found is startling and disheartening. In 2012, 92 people were killed on U.S. roadways every day that year. This is a grand total of 30,800 fatalities due to crashes that year alone. The numbers may give you pause to ever jump in the car again. Unfortunately, it’s a part of life, and all we can do as responsible drivers is always be aware of our surroundings, drive defensively and yield with extreme caution whenever necessary.

Injuries from vehicles crashes continue to increase, though the number of reported accidents declines because people aren’t reporting them. You must always report an accident you are involved in, no matter the circumstance. Leaving the scene of an accident is the worst mistake you can make, and could cost you big. Unless something major changes soon, road traffic injuries are predicted to become the fifth leading cause of death by the year 2030. That’s a huge increase and should lead anyone to proceed with caution when driving in all situations. You never know what may happen, on any moment, or time of day.

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