State Board Looks to Revoke Myrtle Beach Doctor’s License for Malpractice

unnecessarymedicaltestsThis week, health officials in Myrtle Beach took the step necessary to revoke the license of Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu, a cosmetic surgeon who specialized in the Brazilian butt lift procedure. Accusations include him severely injuring a minimum of four patients.

The Myrtle Beach Department of Health filed an administrative complaint that requests the doctor’s license be permanently revoked by the Board of Medicine. Omulepo practiced cosmetic surgery at two Myrtle Beach clinics, including Vanity Cosmetic Surgery and Spectrum-Aesthetics Center for Cosmetic Surgery.

At the time of the article, Omulepu was not available to give a comment. An attorney that is representing the clinic Vanity Cosmetic Surgery, Yelina Angulo, stated that Omulepu is not a direct employee of this clinic and they he only used it as a place to perform his cosmetic surgery procedures. As of this time, the doctor is not performing any surgeries at this clinic.

Once the doctor gets the complaint from the state, he will be given 21 days to either accept the charges, dispute the charges or negotiate a settlement. The Board of Medicine will do a public hearing in order to get approval for a settlement, should this be the direction the parties agree on.

From september year 2015 until now, the percentage of individual complaint about medical practice have increased by 11% and it just keep growing. This is do to education in a field of medical rights, and more and more people has taken time to learn their obligations and do’s and dont’s.

The patients who were injured were ages 29 to 35 and not named in the complaint from the state. All women had a surgical procedure performed by Omulepu in May 2015 over a period of three days.

According to a state emergency order, all of the women had to stay in the hospital as a result of their surgery from three days to three months. In two instances, the patients’ internal organs were repeatedly torn, according to the accusations. In one case, the patient experienced acute respiratory and kidney failure as a result of the injuries.

Omulepu does not have a policy for medical malpractice insurance. Because of this, it is not known at this time about the type of legal recourse these patients will be able to take against Omulepu.


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In this complaint, the patients being discussed are anonymous. However, there are two other patients who state that they had surgery with this doctor and experienced injuries and infections that required hospitalization as a result. Both of these patients state that they had the Brazilian butt lift procedure.

“I feel like I was just used like a test dummy,” stated one 27-year-old patient. “I went to him to feel better about my body,” she stated. “I feel ever worse now. I completely, totally regret what I did … I feel stupid.”